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Diplomat pen refills.Diplomat Refills


Diplomat pens have been manufactured in Germany since 1922. Having put a great deal of thought and care into the production of their pens, Diplomat also want to ensure their writing quality, and have therefore developed a quality range of refills, inks and ink cartridges to ensure the writing quality of their writing instruments. The Spacetec gas pressurised ballpoint refills are the latest addition to their refill range and filled with thixotropic ink, sealed and pressurised. All Diplomat pen refills are metal bodied and made in Germany.

Diplomat Spacetec Refills

Diplomat Spacetec king size refill.
Black  Blue

Spacetec pressurised king size refill.

Spacetec pressurised short refill.

Spacetec pressurised short refill.

Diplomat Ballpoint Refills

King Size Diplomat ballpoint refill.
Black""  Blue  Red

King size ballpont refill.

Diplomat Easyflow ballpoint refills.
Black  Blue

Easyflow king size ballpoint refill.

Diplomat Rollerball Refills

Diplomat rollerball pen refill.
Black  Blue

Rollerball refill, .7mm.

Diplomat Fibre Tip Refills

Diplomat fibre tip fineliner refill.

Fineliner fibre tip refill, M.

Diplomat Feltpen refill.

Feltpen felt tip pen refill.

Diplomat Ink Cartridges

Standard size Diplomat ink cartridges.
Black  Blue

Diplomat ink cartridge, standard size (6 pack).

Diplomat Ink

Diplomat bottled ink for Diplomat fountain pens.
Black  Blue

Diplomat ink,30ml.

Diplomat pen converter.

Diplomat pen converter for Diplomat fountain pens.

Diplomat Pencil Leads

Replacement Diplomat pencil lead for propelling pencils.

Pencil leads .5mm and .7mm, HB (12 pack).

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