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Pen refills from Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer, etc.
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Pen Refills

Welcome to, we are suppliers of pen refills, ink cartridges and bottled ink for fountain pens, rollerball, fibre tip, fineliner, ballpoint pen refills, pencil leads and replacement erasers from Parker, Waterman, Sheaffer, S T Dupont, Fisher, Cross, Edelstein, Pelikan, Caran d'Ache, Schmidt, Schneider, Diplomat, Yard-O-Led  and Monteverde. We aim to repay your custom by providing a friendly and efficient service. We also realise and appreciate that in shopping with us you have bypassed many larger online retailers.

Ballpoint Refills

Ballpoint refills are now available in various line widths and filled with various ink types to suit different personal preferences and uses. Were available from the manufacturer, standard, gel, liquid or pressurised ink types have been made available. Some are proprietary and will only fit a specific brand or model of ballpoint pen, whilst many are generic and will fit pens from other brands. Random fact: Parker produced their first ballpoint pen in 1954.

Rollerball Refills

Rollerball refills generally give a more intense writing line and emulate the wetter effect given by the liquid ink used in fountain pens. Although originally developed using water based inks in the 1960s, more recently rollerball refills have been made available using other ink types and in a wider choice of colours. Random fact: Early rollerball pens needed to be capped when not in use to prevent drying out.

Ink Cartridges

Fountain pen ink cartridges are in many cases unique to a specific pen brand, and most manufacturers recommend using their own branded ink cartridges for use in their fountain pens. Some makes offer only a couple of colour choices whilst other makes offer a wide choice of colours. Nowadays most fountain pens use cartridges, whilst a small percentage of manufacturers still produce fountain pens that only use bottled writing inks. Some fountain pens can also accept a fountain pen converter and therefore can use bottled writing inks or cartridges. Where available we have illustrated and listed them. Random fact: In 1890 the Eagle Pen Company of America applied for a patent for a fountain pen using an ink cartridge made from glass.

Bottled Fountain Pen Ink

In recent years the choice of bottled writing ink colours for fountain pens has increased, with formulations from manufacturers varying to give different writing characteristics and properties. Inks can be insoluble pigment based or water based which contain water soluble dyes. Fountain pen ink formulae vary and manufacturers guard their secrets from rivals. We only stock ink considered suitable for fountain pens. Random fact: Parker's Quink ink brand, developed in the 1930s as a quick drying ink, is a contraction of two words "quick" and "ink".

Fibre Tip Refills (Fineliners)

Popular with users who prefer the feel of a fibre tipped pen in preference to a ball pen. Recently introduced is the spring loaded fibre tip refill developed to prevent the porous tip from widening or spreading and therefore maintaining a consistent line width. Random fact: The Tokyo Stationery Company developed the fibre tip as a writing instrument (fineliner) in the 1960s. Previously, fibre tip pens had largely been used for drawing.

Pencil Leads and Erasers

Replacement pencil leads and erasers (rubbers) for mechanical pencils. Pencil can be a fascinating alternative to writing with ink. Random fact: Sampson Mordan and John Isaac Hawkins, England, were granted the first patent for a propelling pencil in 1822.

We stock pen refills from Caran d' Ache, Cross, Diplomat, Edelstein, Fisher, Lamy, Montblanc, Parker, Pelikan, PlatinumSchmidt, Schneider, Dupont, Sheaffer, Waterman and Yard-O-LedWe hope that you can find the product that you are looking for and appreciate you shopping with us.

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