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All Sheaffer pen refills and ink.

Sheaffer Pen Refills

The Legacy fountain pen features the iconic inlaid Sheaffer nib, which made its debut on the 'Pen for Men' fountain pen in 1959, which is now very collectable. Refills for most Sheaffer pens both old and current are show below and have been developed to ensure smooth writing to the last drop.

Sheaffer K ballpoint refill - type K.
Sheaffer ballpoint refill, Type T.
Sheaffer Slim rollerball refill.
Sheaffer Classic rollerball refill.
Sheaffer ink cartridges.
Sheaffer fountain pen ink.
Sheaffer G Eraser - type G.
Sheaffer replacement eraser for mechanical pencil.
Type "D" Sheaffer erasers.
Replacement Sheaffer Stylus refills.
Sheaffer piston converter.
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